1   -  To qualify for the award of S.S.C. o candidate has lo pass in ALL the subjects of Component I & II and the GRADE shall be determined on the basis of marks obtained out of the total marks of 850.

2 -  In order to pass in a subject which has both Theory and Practical, SCIENCE GROUP candidates   shall hove lo obtain 33% In Theory and Practical separately, both being separate passing heads. A candidate failing in any of the two will be considered “foiled” in the subject. Such candidates who ore declared failed in the examination will be required to reappear in thot port of the subject only in which he/she foiled i.e. Theory or Practical.

3 -  For subjects wnid1 hove Theory and Proct1col in the GENERAL GROUP, a candidate will be required to pass in the total as Theory and Practical ore not separate passing heads but appearance in both the papers i e. Theory & Practical is compulsory.

4 -   Minimum pass marks in individual subjects shall be 33% whereas 1n subjects comprising two papers the candidate shall obtain 33% of the total marks of the two papers token together.

5 -   The result will be compiled in Grades On the basis of total marks obtained, according to the following table.




680 and above

80% and above


595 to 679

70% and above but below 80%


510 to 594

60% and above but below 70%


425 to 509

50% and above but below 60%


340 to 424

40% and above but below 50%


Below 340

Minimum pass marks and above but below 40%



6 -   This Statement of Marks is issued without over-writing or cutting.

7 -   Tampering of marks is an offence which disqualifies a candidate   for two three years.

8 - No advantage shall accrue to any candidate out of an irregular or invalid Statement of Marks.

9 -   Statements of Marks of Private Candidates are mailed to their addresses. The Board does not take responsibility for postal mishaps. Statement of Marks once dispatched will not be issued again. Duplicate may. however, be obtained on payment.



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